I want a divorce


Well, I, maybe we both, would like to have counselling with you about our marriage relationship (16 yrs). I have decided to go forward with a divorce, but I would like to make myself clear with certain things and find the real advice and psychological support needed.

I am confused, I think we both would like to have counselling with you. Perhaps out of different reason. I speak English (India) and my husband speaks German.  

How do we do it? Should we make 2 separate appointments or would you be talking to both of us together. 

Please let me know if you have some appt free beginnig New year.

There are a lot of things and people who are misguiding and giving misleading infos on a divorce as I am a foreigner here. Please give me the earliest possible appointment possible and the cost for it.

Thank you


My wife and I had counselling session with you earlier this year, that helped us a lot. Now things have changed, and I believe that I need individual counselling to understand myself better - if not, I´m gonna lose my wife

What I need, is to get better understanding why I act as I do (pushing my wife away)

Actually, I don`t really know where to start, but maybe you can guide me in the right direction?

It’s quite urgent and I am thankful to hear from you asap.


Good morning

Thanks for your fast response.

We have thought about the last session and it sounds good to plan and discuss both of our objectives which we would work on, supported by your recommendations (options, as you like to call it) over the subsequent months.

What's positive is that we already have a "starting point", i.e. the session we had last time with you, which gave us some base rules to better approach each other as a couple and which gave you a general overview of us (our backgrounds and dynamics).

We would like to continue from where we left and move on to analyzing in detail recurrent pitfalls.

We would be happy to bring material to work on, to make the job easier for everyone. Then, we'll accept the process to be stagnant at some points or the learning curve.

We are convinced that, even if nothing seems to change, bringing up new topics each time can be a boosting element and a way to avoid possible pitfalls.

Therefore, we would like to set a limit to the number of sessions. obj. 1 (seeing the pitfall), obj. 2  (preventing the pitfall), etc. More is up to the therapist, as he sees it :-) or based on our needs.

Would this be a working foundation for you?

Kind regards

Variety of issues.


I'm interested in beginning counselling to help with a variety of issues (mostly situational and discussing healthy coping mechanisms, understanding, etc). I would like to begin as soon as possible, depending on your availability.

A friend of mine recommended you and I would be grateful to hear from you.

 Thank you for your help.

We are stuck again.
Hello to you both. How are you?
We had a first appointment with you end of last year.
We are stuck again and are fighting over nothing.
I am writing to ask what schedules you have available for another appointment for us. We would like again the same type of counselling like last time. With both of you, that was really helpful.
kind regards

We need help.
Hi there,
I would like to book an appointment with one of your counsellors.
I’m an expat in Switzerland and my wife and I just separated 5 months ago. We’ve now decided to get some counselling to see if we can try to reunite or simply to collaborate better as parents – we have a 2 children, 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. We share joint custody.
I was wondering if you have a program or specific type of counselling for couples that have already separated but are trying to either get back together or simply to become better at parenting while divorced.
We both live close by.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Best Regards

Marriage is at the lowest.
Hi. I want to book a couple's counselling session in English for me and my wife. We are a couple from Pakistan living in Switzerland for 5 years.
Are there particular methods utilized in the session? My marriage is at our lowest and I would like some help in working things through. Lastly, I wish counselling face to face and not online. Could you help me with an appointment at the earliest?
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Wow, I can breath again.
Dear Ulrich
just a note to say thank you for this morning.
The session was so useful I felt I could breath and felt taller afterwards. I'm sure the road will be rocky but let's bring it on! Better than being squashed under rocks.
Looking forward to our exchange in 2 weeks
Thank you again.

Message: Please help us.
I'm interested in beginning counselling to help with a variety of issues (mostly situational and discussing healthy coping mechanisms, understanding, etc). I would like to begin as soon as possible, depending on your availability.
Thank you for your help.

My marriage is deteriorating.
Message: Dear Sir/Madame,
I am married for 18 years. During the past year my marriage has been deteriorating. I have become controlling, jealous and insecure. This is causing fights and misunderstandings. My wife feels controlled and this is taking us into the brink of separation. It has reached to the point that when I asked how her day was she feels controlled. Now it feels like stepping on eggshells whenever we start a conversation, from my side and from her side.

At the moment I would like to seek for therapy because I like to save my marriage. She is hesitant about therapy. She has the feeling that this will not help and we are a point of not knowing how to proceed.