some inquiries and feedback

Real and authentical client inquiries and feedback given to us. Personal data has been removed. Otherwise we do not change anything, neither grammage nor content.

What we honestly can say after all this years of marriage counselling, there is nothing that does not exist:

One night stands, affairs, external relationships, polyamores, painfully in love, separation pains, teenager child problems, challenges of patchwork families, open relationships, triangular relationships, expectations, loneliness, "Should I stay, should I go", and much more.

We accompany and support our client with the belief that you are OK, no judgment given.

Please help us, to seperate in a positve way.

Dear Daniela and Ulrich

We have an appointment with you next week. We would like to make it fort he moment the last appointment and thought, we could, with your help, use this appointment for a «ritual» where we can thank each other for all the good things we had in the past. On the emotional Level.

 On the practicle level, we are focused on practical and financial arrangements (in your words, the project level!). In light of that, would you have referrals to a good English speaking mediator in the wider Canton Zurich area? 

 We sincerely want to thank you for your support these past months and weeks. It has really helped us to 'unblock' and move forward. We do believe we may continue to need your help, and will reach out then for a new appointment. Without you two, it could have gone extremely nasty. One day, I am sure, the kids will be greatful we went to get external help.

Thank you, we are humble

Enormous difficulty communicating.

My name is M. and my husband is W.  I am British - and my husband is Swiss.  We met in Schottland being on hollidays about 4 1/2 years ago and were married in August 2015.  It is a 2nd marriage for us both. We divide living between our respective countries.  I speak only English and he speaks both English and Swiss-German.  We are experiencing enormous difficulties with communication, or the lack of it.  Healthy discussion skills are almost non-existent.  We have a deep love for each other, and we’re desperate for some help which will enable us to continue our lives together.  We sincerely hope you can help us.

Dear Madame, Dear Sir,


My wife and I have gone through a rough time recently. We both engaged lawyers to prepare for a separation. However, before breaking up our marriage we decided to seek help. We got married in 1992 and we would like to give our relation ship another chance.  We hope some counseling will help us to bring us closer together again.

We looking forward to hear from you.


I have heard from marriage counseling you offer in Cham and how much it helped them to look at their problems.

I’m an Australian living here in Switzerland for the past 6 years with my Swiss wife and our 1 year old Boy.

We are going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment and last week I suggested we look at getting some counseling together.  However, as I’m writing this I have a feeling that it’s me who needs it most.

I work 100% from 7am - 5:30pm, so time during the week is Limited. Initially we can talk in my lunch break or after 5:30Pm

If that’s Not a possibility from your side I totally understand and would be happy to arrange an appointment via email. Thanks in advance for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Dear Mr Sprenger and Ms Bühler

 My wife and I are both interested in starting some couples counseling and interested in your offering. 

 About 4 weeks ago we had a large fall out following a month of having lost our ability to communicate normally. We are now in a period of separation to minimise further pain and hurt. However, we are both wanting to find some suitable counseling to help us resolve the cause of our disagreement, enable us to communicate again and improve our relationship going forwards.

We have 3 kids and all of this hurts us alot, wer are lost.

We both look forward to hearing from you about your offering and hopefully you have availability to start sessions with you soon.

 Kind regards


 My wife and I are separating and we think it would be useful to have some counselling to help us navigate the next steps.

 My therapist recommended you, paarhilfe in Cham, so I would love to set up an appointment. The only issue is we are both quite busy with work on weekdays, so I wondered if evening sessions are possible? Sometime in the next couple of weeks would be great as we have additional help at home then too.

 Please let me know, or call me if it’s easier.

kind regards

Dear Mr. Sprenger,

my wife and I would like to have continue the discussion that we started last week and focusing on how we move forward.

Please could you let us know if an available time on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday morning? 


Dear Ulrich

Thank you for today‘s session.

 I have a question. Our daughter, 19, has issues with stress management etc.

 I am not sure if you do that kind of thing, but if so, would you be willing to meet her for a couple of sessions?

 If so, I will put her in contact with you so that you can organise together.

Kind regards


My partner and I would like to seek an offer for a round of couple therapy. We have been together for 8 years and have a daughter.

Would you recommend a trial session first?

Best regards